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Go ahead and stretch your legs.  The PC-12 NG's cabin volume is greater than most turboprops and medium-sized jets costing twice as much.  With the addition of a new five blade propeller, vibration and cabin noise are further reduced allowing for a relaxed environment and pleasant conversation.  Executive reclining leather seats engineered for comfort and in-flight access to the baggage compartment set the stage for any trip - quick hop or long haul.  A spacious, discrete lavatory is integrated into the forward portion of the cabin offering complete privacy without infringing on baggage space.  The intelligent use of storage space coupled with legendary versatility enable the PC-12 NG to reconfigure for almost any mission in just minutes - bring along your toys, the large cargo door can allow them to fit.  Travel in cabin-class comfort at a fraction of the cost of similar sized aircraft. 

Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop
Pilatus PC-12 Club Seating



Believing the power of the single-engine design lies in the marriage of technology and simplicity, development of the PC-12 called upon Pilatus' long history of building training aircraft for the world’s air forces. It should come as no surprise that safety and reliability were at the top of the list of design goals for the PC-12 NG. The aircraft is equipped with numerous redundant and fail-safe systems and structures, and powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, considered to be the most dependable aircraft engine ever built. This design coupled with advanced Honeywell avionics has lead to one of the safest planes on earth. 


Many people harbor an irrational fear of single-engine aircraft based on the notion that airplanes with two or more engines are safer. While that may have once been true more than half a century ago, it is simply no longer the case. In the early days of aviation, aircraft engines lacked both power and reliability, and multiple engines were needed to lift high payloads and deliver them dependably to their destinations. Today, the reliability of modern turbine engines is so high that an engine malfunction is rarely the primary contributor to an accident. Ironically, according to an National Transportation Safety Board report, an engine failure in a twin turboprop is four times more dangerous than in a single.   Feel safe knowing you are travelling in a proven design.

Pilatus PC-12 Cockpit
Pilatus PC-12 Interior
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