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Sleek and sexy without sacrificing safety, the Meridian is the profile of perfection. This single engine turboprop, with the latest in Garmin safety technology, remains a study in priorities. Six-place seating and a pressurized cabin comfortably accommodate passengers, prioritizing precious assets, while the 500 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turbine satisfies the most discerning pilot by providing adrenaline-inducing, powerful performance and legendary reliability. Cruise at 300 MPH above the weather, the Meridian is a celebrated crowd-pleaser and still the best value in its class. 

Piper Meridian Turboprop
Piper Meridian Cockpit


As you step up the airstair door entrance into the spacious Meridian, you will be greeted with cabin-class seats featuring hand-selected leather, tanned in Italy. These natural leather seats offer not only luxury, but flexibility. With adjustable backrests and the ability to fold down, even more cabin space can be created for your passengers or luggage. Passengers have easy access to the interior baggage compartment and optional amenities such as the two 110-volt outlets. Situated around the cabin, you can also find the standard individual cup holders, reading lights, air vents, and built-in work table. LED accent strip lighting fills the cabin in warm light. All of these attributes work collectively to make any business or personal flight as comfortable as possible for pilots and passengers alike. 

Meridian Airstair
Meridian Interior
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